Sprig Ceramics began as an Instagram project called the.doing, where artist and teacher Laurel Cahoon documented her creative ideas and processes. It soon turned into a full-blown ceramics studio, housed in a little white shed in Farmington, Utah. The name Sprig Ceramics comes from the maker's mark Laurel uses, a sprig of laurel.

Laurel creates small batches of handcrafted stoneware with raw, textural finishes that highlight the stoney beauty of fired clay. All work is fired to around 2250 degrees Fahrenheit, making it durable and strong, and oven, dishwasher, and (usually) microwave safe.

Laurel usually creates pieces she can use while enjoying her other interests, like gardening, house plants, and cooking. She enjoys every step of the process, from designing something new to throwing on the wheel to pulling finished work out of the kiln.