Are your pieces microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe?

Stoneware is a fantastic in the oven, it heats evenly and warms and cools slowly, making it perfect for baking! But just like with glassware be careful of thermal shock. Switching from icy cold to super hot could cause some nasty cracks.

It's microwave safe, too, but if your piece is unglazed on the outside, please be careful and use oven-mitts, the unglazed surface can get very hot.

I would recommend handwashing all of your ceramic pieces to prolong their luster and avoid any accidents, but they are safe to put in the dishwasher. 

Your pottery should not be used on open flame or stovetop.


I love your work but I'm nervous about these unglazed parts. Are they okay to use?

Yes! Unglazed stoneware surfaces are semi-vitreous to vitreous...meaning they are either mostly water-tight or fully water-tight. I do glaze the parts of my work that are more "active" to make them easier to clean and more comfortable to handle- for example: I glaze the inside of my pie dishes and planters so they're not so hard to clean, I glaze the rims of my mugs so they're comfortable to drink from and leave no doubt that they are bacteria-free over time and use. 

Because the porosity of an unglazed surface is higher than a glassy surface, it does mean that it will hold a stain more stubbornly- so be careful with vases and other items that are unglazed on the exterior or you may be destroying magic erasers trying to rub them out. (by the way, magic erasers actually are great for scrubbing unglazed surfaces.) 

Some items are MORE functional when left unglazed and semi-vitreous! My unglazed ornaments are perfect for adding a few drops of cinnamon oil to make your Christmas tree smell festive! If you soak your garden markers in water before putting them in the ground, they'll slowly add moisture to the soil between waterings! AND if you add a few drops of lavender oil to them, they'll entice bees to the area to pollinate, or add peppermint oil to deter aphids and squash bugs!

Sorry for the novel, but also, you're welcome.


I love this piece you did awhile back, when will it be back in your shop?

I try to strike a balance between making lots of a certain style so everyone that wants one can find one and making things that are new and exciting to me. If there is something you saw on my instagram or in the shop that isn't listed, send me a screenshot and tell me what you liked about it and I am happy to make a similar one for you. Be aware that because each piece is handmade, every item is going to be a little different.


Your website listed this piece as one size, but I measured it and it's off by half an inch. What gives?

Because each piece is handmade, there will be small difference between each piece. If I make an item that is MUCH smaller or larger than what I usually make, I will be sure to comment on it in the product description and price it accordingly. For most items a little size discrepancy shouldn't be a huge deal- mugs will still hold 8 oz or 12 oz, pie dishes will still work with 9 inch recipes if they're 8 inches or 10 inches wide. If there is a very specific measurement that you require, send me an email and we can discuss your idea :)


Why does my package look like it came from somewhere else?

I try to reuse and recycle as much material as I can, from clay to shipping supplies. Big fan of reusing boxes if they're in good shape and the perfect size, and of saving up all that newsprint junk mail to stuff my boxes. I don't use materials that are past their prime and I try my best to make the package a delight to open, but please let me know if I'm not hitting that mark.


My piece was damaged in transit! What should I do?

Oh no! I try to wrap each item as tightly as possible to avoid this, but sometimes accidents happen. Please send an email to laurel@sprigceramics.com within 7 days and include a photo of the broken piece and packaging and we will get it sorted!


I want to stay updated on your shop updates and sales- what's the best way to do that?

Yay! I'm flattered. Sign up to my newsletter and I'll make sure you stay up to date! You can sign up at the bottom of the homepage or at checkout.